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Sign up for kids yoga!

Yoga for Kids classes are held on Saturday mornings.

Follow Yoga for Kids on Facebook for class schedules and sign up information.


Welcome to Yoga for Kids! I am excited to be bringing this class to the Fennimore area! I have 8 years experience as a School Counselor working with elementary and middle school students. I also am a Licensed Professional Counselor at Southwest Counseling.

I  received my 95 hour youth yoga teacher certification in June 2021 and have been teaching yoga for kids since. My passion is to help people of all ages in a variety of aspects with a goal of finding how they can find their calm when things feel out of control. Teaching kids to recognize and work through emotions is an integral part of growing and learning. Yoga and mindfulness can help empower kids to be independent in self-regulation in a fun and exciting way!



Southwest Counseling


1160 Lincoln Avenue, Fennimore, WI


Facebook Page: Yoga for Kids

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